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A fascinating exploration of Santorini’s architectural heritage

A fascinating exploration of Santorini’s architectural heritage

architectural heritage

For the first time, an unpublished collection of architectural depictions and photographic documentation of settlements and landscapes gathered during the years 1967-1968 is being presented.

Handcrafted houses are showcased in approximately 1,000 photographs and hand-drawn plans, constituting a valuable record of a crucial period on the island after the earthquake. The exhibition captures the architecture of the settlements of Pyrgos, Akrotiri, Emporio, and Fira.


During that era, the inhabitants were fishermen, farmers (vine cultivators), and sailors, leading a lifestyle closely connected to their homes, courtyards, and small streets. The entire housing ecosystem, they emphasized, supported a household economy that recycled everything, from the last drop of rainwater collected in cisterns to the organic waste that was used as fertilizer in the fields.

A fascinating exploration of Santorini’s architectural heritage


The exhibition, presented at the new “Kastelana” Photography Center at the entrance of Kasteli in Pyrgos, curated by Alexia Prassa, Stergios Karavatos, Sasha Lada, and Tonia Nousia, offers a glimpse of this material in three levels. Selected photographs from all the settlements showcase the Architecture of Santorini in the sparkling light of the Aegean, while sketches and linear drawings represent the atmosphere of an architectural student studio. Additionally, at the highest level providing a panoramic view of the settlement and the island, selected photographs are juxtaposed with corresponding images from 1968-69.


The exhibition will be open until September 2023, providing a fascinating exploration of Santorini’s architectural heritage and the lifestyle of its past inhabitants

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