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During those difficult and strange times, finally we all start to see some beams of light. With all the vaccinations in progress in many countries, people start to have hope again and a sense of normality is starting in our lives again.

Especially for the summer season of 2021 people are starting to make travel plans again. Various tourism carriers announce their schedule for 2021 and 2022. Airliners announce multiple flights connecting again destinations all over the world. Big tourism wholesalers like TUI give positive vibes to the tourism market for the first time the last 12 months.

We, at Athina Luxury Suites, have a straight strategy to welcome all our guests. Flexibility, in order nobody to lose money and of course health protocols for a healthy and relaxed stay.

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Our hotel is recognised with the HealthFirst badge from the Greek Ministry of Tourism, which means that our hotel is compliant with all the measures and restrictions in order to keep a safe environment for all our guests, always without losing any magic of the place.

We expanded our cancellation period for all our flexible rates, reducing the period before arrival to cancel for free, from 21 to 14 days. Of course if a guest cannot finally travel due to Covid-19 restrictions between countries or they are positive to a Covid-19 test before travelling, then we are always here to re-schedule the reservation without any extra costs or to fully refund any charged amount.

We also have our non-refundable prices with great discounts compared to flexible rates. This prices are pre-payable at the time of booking and that’s why they are discounted compared to flexible rates. Of course, as you understand also from their name, these rates cannot be refunded. But due to Covid-19 circumstances we also offer full refund of the amount or free re-schedule if a guest cannot finally travel due to any Covid-19 restrictions or in case of a positive Covid-19 test before the travel date.

You can read about all our Covid-19 latest updates and news and also compare our prices and check our policies at our website.

After 1 year living with Covid-19 we all have become wiser and we learned to appreciate simple things in life. We all want to travel and to continue our lives again and we will do it with caution and flexibility from our side.


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