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Uncork the Magic: Wine Tours in Santorini 

Wine Tours

Wine Tours

Are you dreaming of a luxurious getaway that pairs the beauty of the Aegean with the richness of fine wine? Look no further than the enchanting island of Santorini, a place where history, culture, and wine unite in a mesmerizing way.

Wine Tours

Santorini: Where History and Wine Entwine

Santorini, the gem of the Aegean Sea, is a destination that promises captivating landscapes, rich history, and an unparalleled wine culture. Known for its iconic sunsets, white-washed buildings, and the unique Santorini vines, this Greek paradise offers much more than meets the eye.


Unveiling the Santorini Wine Heritage

The story of Santorini’s wine production dates back thousands of years, with evidence of vineyards that can be traced as far back as the Minoan period. The island’s distinct terroir, featuring volcanic soil and a climate conducive to grape cultivation, results in wines with a character unlike any other.


The Star Grapes of Santorini: Assyrtiko and more

When you embark on a wine tour in Santorini, you’ll discover a symphony of flavors, with the island’s indigenous grape, Assyrtiko, leading the orchestra. This white grape variety is celebrated for its mineral-driven, citrusy, and crisp profile. Its versatility allows for the production of exceptional white wines, including single-varietal Assyrtiko and blends.


Apart from Assyrtiko, you’ll also encounter other remarkable local grape varieties such as Athiri and Aidani. These grapes are often used to craft unique blends that showcase the diversity and complexity of Santorini’s wines.

Wine Tours

Wine Tours in Santorini: A Journey of the Senses

At Athina Luxury Suites, we’ve carefully curated wine tours that take you on a sensory journey through Santorini’s wine culture. Our tours provide an exclusive opportunity to visit some of the island’s most renowned wineries, where you’ll meet passionate winemakers and learn about their dedication to preserving Santorini’s vinicultural heritage.


A Wine Tour Itinerary Fit for Connoisseurs


  • Sip and Savor: Begin your wine tour with tastings of Assyrtiko and other indigenous wines at the region’s finest wineries, including Domaine Sigalas, Gaia Wines, and Santo Wines.
  • Wine and Scenic Views: Enjoy your wine tastings against the backdrop of Santorini’s breathtaking landscape, with its iconic caldera, cliffside terraces, and charming villages.
  • The Art of Wine Pairing: Discover the art of food and wine pairing as you relish traditional Greek dishes with your wine tastings, a combination that elevates your palate to new heights.
  • Santorini’s Hidden Gems: Explore the lesser-known, family-run wineries that offer a more intimate and authentic wine-tasting experience.


Unwind at Athina Luxury Suites

After a day of indulgence in Santorini’s wine culture, return to Athina Luxury Suites for a dose of extravagance. Our suites provide breathtaking views of the caldera, personalised service, and a serene ambiance that perfectly complements the island’s aura of romance and elegance.

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