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Santorini and Wine – A Strong relationship

Santorini wine

Santorini and Wine

One of the most unique gifts of Nature, that you can taste in Santorini, is Wine! 

There are varieties of grapes that someone can discover only in Santorini

The main reasons for this “taste miracle” are the following:

First, the rich volcanic soil and the underground and its trace elements.

Second, the low level of annual amount of rainfall and the increased humidity all year round.

These are the main factors that played major role, so as the locals had to adapt the cultivation of the vineyards and develop a distinct art in the island.

Through centuries of know-how local wine producers have now created a true legend worldwide.

Santorini wine
Strong tastes, barrel aged wines, little treasures to discover

The varieties that you will find in Santorini are:

Asyrtiko (which is the 80% of the island production), Athiri and Aidani from the White wines.  

Mavrotragano, Voudomato and Mandilaria from the Red wines.

Santorini’s wines are characterized by strong aromas and flavors, and high alcohol levels.

You will find three PDO (“Protected Designation of Origin”) wines in Santorini.

“Asyrtiko” is the name of the variety that includes all the flavors and the aromas of Santorini, in one wine. 

“Vinsanto” is the worldwide known traditional sweet wine of Santorini that is made from sun-dried grapes.

“Nychteri” is the aged wine that took its name be the Greek word “Nychta”, which in English means “Night”, because all the winemaking operations, were taking place only by night.

For those who wish to discover the secrets of viticulture and wine production of the island excursions to wineries are organised. You will have the privilege to visit the places where the wine is matured in barrels. Then, you will enjoy a great wine and food pairing including legendary fresh and barrel aged local wines and traditional recipes and flavours that awaken the palate.

Santorini wine caldera
Wine is strongly connected with Santorinian nature

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