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A high quality hotel pillow is essential to a comfortable night’s sleep. 

Sometimes, the simplest things can be overlooked, like the pillow in an otherwise wonderful room..

But at Athina Luxury Suites hotel in Santorini, we have made sure switching off is as effortless as the elegance that surrounds you! 

Take a look at our bespoke pillow menu that spoils you even in your sleep


Easy Fit Micro (Soft)

The Easy Fit pillow is specifically designed by Guy Laroche for relaxation that lasts. This unique quality pillow in 50×70 dimension offers a pleasant and comfortable sleep. The filling of 100% microfibre, excellent in combination with the outer microfibre fabric, makes it an ideal choice.

Helpful Hint:

The soft pillows help keep the neck and spine in line and is suitable for those who sleep on their back or stomach.


Feather (Soft)

This pillow consists of 90% feather and 10% goose down. It is a quality choice by Guy Laroche for you. The outer fabric is made of 100% cotton percale 240 threads and also features special stitching with piping.


50-50 (Medium)

Guy Laroche created this feather pillow especially for you with dimensions 50×70 . This pillow consisting of 50% goose down and 50% feather in conjunction with outer fabric made from 100% cotton percale 240 threads and special seam with frames and double lifelines is ideal for a pleasant and restful sleep with medium touch and feeling.


3D Stable (Hard)

The 3D cushion by Guy Laroche is a unique quality pillow in dimension 50×70. The stuffing from 100 % premium quality microfibre combined with the external super soft microfibre fabric makes it an ideal choice. It provides comfort and ultimate softness, offering tranquil and restful sleep.


Visco Elastic Aloe Vera (Anatomic)

The Visco Elastic is an innovative pillow by Guy Laroche. The memory foam stuffing provides

appropriate support to the neck. The anatomical shape with different elevation on both sides gives you the option to use it from the side which relieves you most.

Helpful Hint:

Anatomic pillows are suitable for people who sleep on their side, because the rigidity helps keep the neck and spine aligned.


All our guests deserve the greatest experience and Athina Luxury Suites is happy to help! 

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