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Our Eco-friendly philosophy

Our Eco-friendly philosophy


Mother Nature has gifted Santorini with some of the most exquisite landscapes in the world, from the multi-colored cliffs to the sparkling sea.

So above all it is our strong duty and huge privilege to protect these treasures of nature.

Every member of the Athina Luxury Suites hotel (www.athinasuites.com) team takes our environmental responsibility very seriously, that’s why we take part in a variety of energy-saving and eco-friendly measures.

Dual-flush toilets, LED bulbs and automatic outdoor lighting conserve resources without sacrificing convenience or luxury.


Our Eco-friendly philosophy

We rely on natural and certified eco-friendly cleaning products to keep every aspect of the suites sparkling and pristine. We rigorously recycle to limit waste and we encourage guests to reuse towels. In addition, we are a proud participant in the Green Soap program which allows us to recycle leftover soap and other cleaning products.

Our efforts to be eco-friendly are part of our Greek hospitality philosophy while still pampering our guests with the best practices.

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