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January in Santorini

christmas - January in Santorini


A nice time for view-admiring and exploring in a more relaxed way!

Back in 2015, Santorini made the decision to welcome visitors all year and the number of tourists visiting in Winter since then has been increasing each year.

The same decision was made from Athina Luxury Suites https://news.gtp.gr/2021/10/18/santorinis-athina-luxury-suites-to-stay-open-during-winter/


As the island starts to relax, a different side of Santorini appears, allowing travelers to enjoy and see a more traditional way of life.


It’s the perfect time to relax in a cave suite www.athinasuites.com/cave-suite, to get to grips with the island’s fascinating archaeological heritage, or simply to soak up life as the around 15,000 locals live it.


The cooler temperature makes exploring the island by foot a much more pleasant experience than the middle of summer.


Where to Stay in Santorini in winter

Fira (otherwise spelled Thira) is the main town on Santorini and is where you’ll find the most activity during Winter. It’s considered the best place to stay during the Winter. Make the best choice for your stay: www.athinasuites.com


Mark your calendar: 

Epiphany January 6. This is one of the most important Greek Orthodox celebrations, celebrating the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. A special series of carols, the kalanda, are sung at this time. In Santorini, this also involves the ‘Blessing of the Waters’ ceremony in which a procession leads from the church to the sea, and a priest throws a cross into the waters. Young men then compete to dive and retrieve the cross—he who wins it is blessed with good luck for an entire year.


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