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Herbs. A gastronomic (and not only) treasure


Nature has always been the greatest constant factor in the history of the human race and its evolution. A connecting link and common point of reference between the civilisations that developed throughout the length and breadth of the Earth. And Her goods, were and are the life-giving denominator of Evolution. The basket of Nature has an aroma, and the reason for that, is Herbs.

Herbs are plants that are grown either as a food (usually as a condiment), or because they have some use in treating diseases (or making them better). Οr for spiritual reasons (for example, their smell).

Some herbs may act as an aphrodisiac.

The word herb comes from the Latin word herba, meaning grass, green stalks, or blades.

IMG 0632 - Herbs. A gastronomic (and not only) treasure
Herbs give aroma to the nature

Botanists use the word to mean any plant with soft, succulent tissues.

Herbs and spices have had and still have, a prominent place in people of all cultures. They are a refuge in disease, intensity and identity in food, elegance and beauty in vision, companions and faithful allies in our personal moments with their fragrance and they appease and balance our senses in a unique way, offering Health.

Their world is a unique field of study for the initiates and not only, where in antiquity, in order to be able to explain and understand their greatness, their offer to man was attributed as divine. Specifically as Prometheus’ offer to them knowledge and their use in the Centaur Chiron (hence the Centaur and the Chiron) and the transmission of this knowledge and the responsibility of Continuity, to Dioscorides.

And because the goods of Nature, together with Love and Need, are the infallible universal language, we will find similar references in other cultures of antiquity. Chinese, Egyptians, Babylonians, Romans, Persians, Mongols and various others and we reach Byzantium and Christianity with a brilliant example of St. Anastasia, the Saint of medicines and herbs.

Herbs are and should be treated as medicines and before using any of them, if we follow any treatment, we should consult our doctor.

IMG 0634 - Herbs. A gastronomic (and not only) treasure
Herbs would be treated as medicines

The charm I personally find in the world of herbs, is based in the fact of accessibility and inexhaustibility. It is really fascinating that you can have direct access to all these magical gifts of Nature. They can be applied in many small habits of everyday life, only in a pleasant and creative way. A world full of flavors, intensity and aromas, which you can have direct access whenever you want, that offers generous knowledge and reveals new ways of thinking and creating.

Herbs cocktails
Herbs are the final touch of many cocktails

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