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Beauty born out of destruction


Santorini Volcano

Arriving in Santorini by a vessel is all it takes to feel the great magnitude of Santorini’s biggest event throughout the centuries, the one that shaped our small island into a breathtaking sight filled with cliffs and incredible landscapes.

A few minutes into Santorini’s bay and you will encounter one of the greatest attractions our island can provide, the volcano of Santorini. Rocks, cliffs, solidified lava and steam coming from the ground compose a wild but beautiful sight that has been uninterrupted by buildings and roads as the island remains untamed 4000 years after the eruption.

Volcano of Santorini
Ilias Kantzelis Driver - Beauty born out of destruction

Taking a closer look, you see people swimming next to the volcano, water with its bizarre colours is warm year-round providing healing hot springs  that consist of iron and manganese which are known for their therapeutic effects.

Finally reach the port of Athinios and you are surrounded by a unique terrain that offers wild beauty and a sublime view. A quick glance at the Caldera cliffs reveals ground layers with numerous colours and textures that serve as a reminder of nature’s constructive side. 


Volcano Nea kameni
Ilias Kantzelis Driver - Beauty born out of destruction

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