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A worldwide destination!

Santorini night view

Summertime and the living is easy

Santorini is one of the most luxurious destinations in Greece. Plunge into our infinity pool that flirt with the edge of the cliff, the Aegean laid out in front of you in all its glory. Relax on a sun bed, refreshing cocktail in your hand. Enjoy a massage in our brand new spa or in your suite and a dip in your private jacuzzi.

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0 - A worldwide destination!

Candle-lit terraces glimmer when the sun dips behind the volcano. An intimate dinner for two, paired with a fine wine from a world-renowned volcanic vineyard and views of the caldera. Our luxurious hotel and restaurant will certainly bring your dreams to life.

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Santorini’s gastronomy

Cuisine here, boasts extraordinary ingredients thanks to nutrient-rich volcanic soil. Amongst the island’s specialties are its world famous sun-dried cherry tomatoes, fava beans (split peas), capers, and white eggplant. Our chef is always experimenting with local products, combining traditional recipes with modern gastronomy, and making the island a top culinary destination in the Aegean.

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Volcanic love

Imagine your wedding and honeymoon in Santorini with the caldera and volcano as a backdrop. In the courtyards of the island’s churches and on our terrace, we offer couples a real-life fairytale wedding venue each year.

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