100% Renovated Athina Luxury Suites!

Nowadays, hotel renovation is not only replacing worn out furniture and mattresses but much more the definition of competition in hotel industry. A hotel needs to be up to standard, fresh and technologically aligned.

Renovations are necessary to the success of any hotel. If a hotel doesn’t get renovated when necessary, the success rate will soon depreciate. Guests care about the experience they have when they stay at a property, and a fresh aesthetic is often an important component of this feeling. 

In an effort to better serve our guests, Athina Luxury Suites hotel is proud to announce that our major renovation project will soon be completed! Your stay will now be even more enhanced by our 4 upgraded guest suites, totally renovated pool, bar and restaurant!

We are excited to give our guests a better experience than ever before. Whether you are travelling for business or for leisure, or coming to our hotel to host an event, the beautification will enhance your visit here.

We look forward to welcoming you and showing our newly renovated hotel!

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