The Immersive Representation of the Eruption of the Volcano of Santorini

This is an impressive show-representation of the great explosion that rocked the Aegean for millennia and destroyed the Minoan Civilisation.

The representation of volcanic eruptions in Santorini will be a unique spectacle this year for the thousands of visitors to the island.

Pictures, colours and sounds will once again create an unforgettable experience of sensations and emotions.

Much owes the island to its geomorphology and the existence of this active cluster of craters: from its unique agricultural products to its shocking and world-famous image.

An annual tribute to the volcano, which never sleeps … on Saturday September 15, 2018.

Experience the unique experience from the balcony of Athina Luxury Suites and at the award-winning Esperisma gourmet restaurant that has prepared for that evening a special menu to travel your senses!

Did you know that?

Volcanoes began in 1991, during a concert in August, when the sky was lit with fireworks for irrelevant reasons. The spectacle was excited so … the event was born! It is a unique experience that has lived millions of visitors to the island so far. Apart from the millions of visitors who enjoy their holidays each year in Santorini, there are many people who come just to watch this wonderful spectacle that can cause many emotions. Indeed, some more adventurous boats come to live on the Caldera!

See how the night is day in Santorini and… Imagine what happened in the great explosion…

For another year Santorini turned into the largest and most beautiful balcony in the world and forces Greeks and foreigns to bow in front of the incredible beauty of the first tourist destination in Greece.

Watch the video from last year: 


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