Santorini Voted Best Island in Europe for the 5th Consecutive Year!

The volcanic island of Santorini has topped many European lists thanks to its beauty. Stunning beaches, picturesque streets with white-washed buildings, luxurious resorts with amazing views to the Aegean and the famous sunset in Imerovigli are a poll of attraction for both Greek and foreign tourists.


According to Global Traveler magazine, Santorini was voted the best island in Europe for the 5th Consecutive Year!

See the results:


1. Santorini

2. Ireland

3. Mykonos

4. Sicily

5. England

6. Capri

7. Elba

8. Crete

9. Sardinia

10. Jersey, United Kingdom



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Throwback Thursday – back to 2014:

Santorini was voted as the world’s best island, leaving behind three islands of cluster of Hawaii, from the readers of Travel+Leisure magazine, a New York-based monthly magazine with 4.8 million readers worldwide.

The complete list of best islands in the world were:

  1. Santorini
  2. Maui Hawaii
  3. Kauai, Hawaii
  4. Hawaii
  5. Bali, Indonesia
  6. Oahou, Hawaii
  7. Galapagos, Ecuador
  8. British Virgin Islands
  9. Vancouver Island, Canada
  10. San Juan


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