Despite the huge competition, our luxury boutique hotel was awarded at the glamorous Greek Hotel of the Year Awards ceremony held at the Lykiaridopoulou Mansion – “Amalias 36” in Athens on Tuesday, February 5th.

“Very proud and honoured! This gives us strength to get better and better. The best are yet to come!” Panagiotis Iglesis, General Manager of Athina Luxury Suites.  

The nominations for the Greek Hotel of the Year Awards, organised for first time in Greece by Hotel & Restaurant under the auspices of the Ministry Tourism, assessed a twenty-judge panel with very strict criteria. 

V-Class Mercedes; The ultimate VIP shuttle for you!

Proudly presenting you our new acquisition for the upcoming season: elegance, style, comfort and spaciousness for you!

Αn exclusive service that will be offered to all our guests for FREE!
Starting season 2019 with VIP transfers to and from the airport and the port of Santorini with comfort, quality and absolute luxury! 

The V-Class – an extraordinary, individual experience full of emotions offered exclusively to you! Everything the heart desires!

Because.. the V-Class truly embodies the Mercedes-Benz sense of style like no other vehicle in this category.

The cockpit, in particular, is distinguished by Mercedes-Benz’s elegant design language.

The interior of the V-Class also presents a stylish design: the expressive interior gives the V-Class the exciting and unpredictable flair of a passenger vehicle combined with outstanding reliability with a stylish ambience while its flexible seating concept transforms it into a truly personalised space.

Did you know that? 

The V-Class achieved the top score of five stars in the Euro NCAP Crash Test 2014. This makes the V-Class one of the ground-breaking vehicles in its class. Its exemplary safety systems are oriented on Mercedes-Benz’s four-level integral safety concept. 

We care about our guests and we only provide them the best! 

A unique service in the whole island! 

Safety, luxury and beyond with our new V-Class VIP shuttle! 

Special vehicles demand special guests, YOU! 

100% Renovated Athina Luxury Suites!

Nowadays, hotel renovation is not only replacing worn out furniture and mattresses but much more the definition of competition in hotel industry. A hotel needs to be up to standard, fresh and technologically aligned.

Renovations are necessary to the success of any hotel. If a hotel doesn’t get renovated when necessary, the success rate will soon depreciate. Guests care about the experience they have when they stay at a property, and a fresh aesthetic is often an important component of this feeling. 

In an effort to better serve our guests, Athina Luxury Suites hotel is proud to announce that our major renovation project will soon be completed! Your stay will now be even more enhanced by our 4 upgraded guest suites, totally renovated pool, bar and restaurant!

We are excited to give our guests a better experience than ever before. Whether you are travelling for business or for leisure, or coming to our hotel to host an event, the beautification will enhance your visit here.

We look forward to welcoming you and showing our newly renovated hotel!



The exclusive boutique hotel Athina Luxury Suites located on the cliffs of the caldera, in the magnificent island of Santorini, was recognised once more globally and received two more accolades!

The boutique hotel that puts you in the most sought-after location in Fira was awarded as the Best Hotel View, Boutique Hotel in Europe by the Haute Grandeur Global Awards on November 1st 2018, at Palazzo Versace Dubai. Haute Grandeur Global is a prestigious trusted Awards initiative building its reputation as the world’s leading awards initiative by rewarding outstanding spa experiences.

One of the most prestigious events about luxury hospitality the Haute Grandeur Global Awards ceremony brings together a guest list of esteemed industry VIPs, influencers and personalities. The Awards celebrate the best hospitality experiences, acknowledging the world’s most exceptional hotels, spas and restaurants.

Each year, top luxury hospitality brands vie for the ultimate accolade in overall excellence. Only the best of the best is awarded for exceptional achievement and greatest contribution to the industry.

“The hospitality industry is highly competitive. Only those who constantly exceed attain prestige” said Haute Grandeur Founder and President, Marinique de Wet.

A few days later, Athina Luxury Suites shined at the World Luxury Hotel Awards winning the title of the Best Luxury Romantic Hotel in Greece, at the Gala ceremony held on November 10th 2018, at the Ayana Resort and Spa Bali in Indonesia.

The World Luxury Hotel Awards are voted for by the public and are awarded to luxury hotels or hospitality groups across 99 different categories, presented on a regional, continental, global and country basis, with one hotel receiving the overall global accolade.

Athina Luxury Suites features a total of 14 opulent accommodations. Each suite level provides its own unique set of luxury amenities, but all are designed for discerning guests looking for a perfect combination of serenity and adventure. Just meters away from the vibrant town centre, Athina Luxury Suites immerses guests in tranquility. Breathtaking views, world-class service and exquisite accommodations combine to create an once-in-a-lifetime experience.


About Haute Grandeur Global AwardsTM

The Haute Grandeur Global AwardsTM is the world’s leading, most respected luxury hospitality Awards initiative, honouring establishments that continuously excel through remarkable hospitality experiences. The Awards recognise exceptional contributions by hotels, lodges, casinos, resorts, retreats, spas and restaurants worldwide.

Association with Haute Grandeur guarantees participating establishments global recognition, distinction, credibility and influence. The Awards are revered as the highest accolade in hospitality – a promise of unparalleled service excellence.

About World Luxury Hotel Awards 

Established in 2006, World Luxury Hotel Awards is the pinnacle of achievement in the luxury hotel industry offering international recognition as voted by guests, travelers and industry players alike. Over 300 000 international travellers vote each year, during a four-week period to select the winners. Luxury hotels have the opportunity to participate in the World Luxury Hotel Awards by entering hotel categories that showcase their unique selling points and destinations.

More than 6k visitors from 45 countries in Santorini!

Santorini was the global benchmark by professional and amateur athletes, escorts and visitors who traveled to the enchanting island of the Cyclades on October 5-7, 2018 for the needs of the 4th “Santorini Experience”.

The top sports tourism event in Greece was completed with absolute success and a record of participations in the running and swimming races gathering more than 6,000 visitors in

Santorini. In fact, 60% of the visitors stayed in Santorini for more than 5 nights.

Participations from the 5 continents in Santorini!

For one more year, foreign participations surpassed every precedent, as Santorini “hosted” athletes from a total of 45 countries from the 5 continents, America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. Indicatively, participations in swimmers and runners were recorded from Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, USA, Russia, Qatar, South Africa, United Kingdom, Japan and China.

On Friday, October 5, on the occasion of Santorini Experience, Samsung (as the official technology partner), in cooperation with the local Kotsovolos store, organised the event.

“Kotsovolos and Samsung present the Hotel of the Future” at the conference hall of DAPPOS informing the island’s hoteliers of all the latest developments and the benefits of technology in their industry. Samsung enriched the experience of those participating and attending the event with the innovative Samsung Galaxy ecosystem services, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, coupled with the Gear 360, the Gear VR and unique 360 degrees content.

The event received the support of the following hospitality sponsors: Athina Luxury Suites, Santorini Hoteliers Association, Meltemi Hotels & Resorts, Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa, Aqua Vista Hotels, Canaves Oia, Santo Houses, West East Suites, Desiterra Luxury Suites & Villas, 270 Oia’s View, Fanouris Condo, Monolithia, Casa Iphigenia, Sienna Resort, Esperas Santorini and Loizos Stylish Residencies.

Additionally, the official cocktail gala of Santorini Experience was held at Esperisma bar-restaurant of Athina Luxury Suites, during a magical sunset from above! 

“Santorini Experience” is a co-organization of Municipality of Santorini, Municipal Sports Cultural Environmental Organization of Santorini (DAPPOS) and Active Media Group. 

The event was held under the auspices of the Greek National Tourism Organisation and approved by the Hellenic Swimming Federation. 

Why Early Booking for Santorini Is The Best Idea

Santorini is not like any other greek island!
It is the most magical island in Greece with incredible views, awesome food, luxurious hotels, great boat and wine tours, ideal also for a honeymoon or romantic holiday.
It’s the most visited island in Greece* and it requires some proper planning and research to get the best deals, to do all the amazing things that the island offers and also to make sure that you are aware of the things you need to plan in advance.
*There’s no denying the uniqueness of this destination or its huge allure – Santorini hosts 1.5 million tourists annually.
The best months to visit Santorini are from June to September when the weather is warm and sunny and the sea is great for swimming. Late April, May, October, and early November are good times if your interests tend more towards sightseeing than swimming and suntanning.
At least 3 full days in Santorini are needed for a good visit. But 5 to 7 days is what I recommend to really experience the best of the island.
The best advice we have is to book your hotel early (6 to 8 months in advance if possible) as the hotels fill quickly.
It’s never too early to book your 2019 holidays and there are so many reasons to do so. For example, it is a first class opportunity to start dreaming, organising and thinking about something that is definitely meant to be the journey of a lifetime. The unique landscape of Santorini will ensure that the activities, like sailing, will make you part of the island’s life and the tastes will enchant you. So why letting everything for the last minute? It is not so holidays wise!
You’ll remember a trip to Santorini for the rest of your life and surely if you stay with us at Athina Luxury Suites.
The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
– Saint Augustine
Important Note:

Athina Luxury Suites supports MSF Médecins Sans Frontières Greece (MSF)| Γιατροί Χωρίς Σύνορα (ΓΧΣ)


It’s for a good cause…a small contribution from us is a big help for other people…

Thank you very much!

Foodies are adding Santorini to their gourmet itineraries!

Did you know that a visit to Santorini would still be a unique experience even if the island wasn’t as breathtakingly beautiful as it is?


Did you know that visitors here enjoy a feast not just for their eyes but also for their taste buds? The dazzling light and the Aegean breeze combined with the island’s fertile volcanic soil nurture the local agricultural products, endowing them with top quality and a unique taste. 

It’s no accident that the Greek word gastérnómos has been adopted by many foreign languages (gastronomia, gastronomie, gastronomy), or that a Greek wrote the first cookbook in history – Archestratos in 330 B.C. Gastronomy in Greece has a recorded history of 4000 years, with local specialities and flavours born out of the unique characteristics of the land.

Did you know that?

Prior to the 1960s, Santorini was largely a rural island, literally living off the fruits of its labour. As tourism grew, locals began to turn their backs on agriculture to try their luck at profiting from the tourist dollar. Fortunately, growing demand for authentic local produce and a more sophisticated tourist appetite for regional flavours has meant a resurgence in the production of high-quality local produce and a focus on innovative local cuisine. Santorini has emerged as one of the ‘tastiest’ islands in Greece, and a first-class gastronomic destination in its own right.

Santorini enjoys 300 sun-filled days a year and its volcanic soils are dry but fertile – ideal conditions for producing outstanding wine, small tomatoes, split peas, capers and white aubergine. Volcanic soil is not really soil at all – it lacks the organic humus of most rich soils – but the plants here have adapted to access its abundant minerals, and absorb moisture from the humidity in the air. Century-old vines produce Assyrtiko grapes that deliver the unique experience of high acidity, intense minerality and citrus flavours upfront.

If there was ever an island worthy of the nickname “the wine island”, then it is undoubtedly Santorini. 

Did you know that?

The excavations at the site of Akrotiri have proved that wine making and trading used to be among the most important activities for prehistoric locals. Several eruptions of the volcano over the centuries caused consecutive layers of volcanic matter, including ash, lava, and pumice to cover the limestone and slate subsoil, forming what the locals call “aspa”, i.e. hard, solid ground. Over the years, grape growers have built terraces using petrified lava stones in order to prevent the soil being eroded by the strong winds, and to help retain what little rain falls. Thanks to geographical factors here, the vines are very healthy: the hot sun and strong winds dry up any dampness on the fruit and prevent diseases and other problems such as mildew and botrytis.

In other words, the principles of organic cultivation are automatically applied here, as the growers are left only with the tasks of sulphuration and pruning. The latter involves the use of a special technique to form a “basket” within which the grapes are protected from the sand carried in the wind.

Soaking up the traditional atmosphere in villages perched high on the clifftops overlooking the Aegean is all the more memorable when you are enjoying a delightful meal and the distinctive regional flavours of a local wine or two. 

The Esperisma bar-restaurant in Santorini offer a broad range of the local dishes and wines now snapping up awards across the globe.

Nightlife in Santorini!

Santorini is famous for many many things such as the volcano, the caldera, the sunset and so on.

Some people might think that nightlife in Santorini is not one of them.

But these people are actually wrong…

Here is a list of the most famous clubs in Santorini:

Koo club is the absolute place for your night entertainment! With happenings and events no energy is enough for one night at Koo club.

For you who are romantic, Koo has 3 bars outside where you can relax under the stars in a friendly pleasure environment among with palm-trees.

Enigma club; just 50m away from the main square, in a magnificent, stylish Cycladic building. As soon as you enter the Enigma Club in Fira you’ll understand that here the idea of fun is acceptable only when at its highest! Its key ingredients are dance music, an incredibly impressive venue with huge arches dividing it into 3 levels, drinks and cocktails flowing plentiful and beautiful people. 

Tango Champagne & Cocktail Bar; the place where your nights in Santorini become an experience for all the senses!

Dancing under the stars that illuminate the summer skies of Santorini; following the moon’s trip across the horizon; toasting to all the good times in life and to memorable nights; simply celebrating the summer! Built in levels on the caldera cliffs of Santorini the Tango Champagne & Cocktail Bar reaches the top of summer moods and summer parties! 


MoMix is a Molecular Mixology Bar Concept. Here you can travel your mind tasting cocktails & drinks in solid form and many other alternative ways!

MoMix Santorini is situated just 2 minutes on foot from the central square of Fira, “Plateia Theotokopoulou” (Theotokopoulou Square).

Mamounia; if you want to party the “Greek” way!

Located on the main street of Fira this large club with indoor and outdoor spaces is ideal for socialising and dancing until dawn. Highlight: the lives with Greek singers.

Enjoy your stay!

Best Santorini Museums – Things to do

The island of Santorini holds an archaeological wealth that visitors, especially those interested in history and culture, can admire and become acquainted with in the various exemplary museums.

Prehistoric Thera Museum

One of the most important museums of Greece is the spectacular Museum of Prehistoric Thera that lies in the capital of Santorini, Fira. 

The finds that are on display on the Prehistoric Museum of Thera come from the various excavations that were carried out on the island, such as at the settlements of Akrotiri and Potamos, rescue excavations at different sites on the island as well as some objects that were discovered by chance or handed over. The exhibits date back to the Late Neolithic Era up until the Cycladic Periods and are in excellent condition. Through the exhibits visitors can witness the progress of Thera in the Prehistoric Times unfolding before their eyes, as they bear testament to a brilliant course that made Thera on of the most significant islands of the Aegean during the 18th and 17th centuries BC.

Archaeological Museum of Thera

An extraordinary and very interesting museum lies in the centre of Fira. 

A significant part of the exhibits comes from the excavations carried out on “Mesa Vouno” where a settlement of the Hellenistic Period was discovered. The majority of them was found in the cemetery of Ancient Thera and includes ceramic objects, pots, amphorae as well as ancient statues, like the representative nude male statue called kouros. The rest of the finds can be admired in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. It is recommended that visitors visit both the archaeological site of Ancient Thera and then the Archaeological Museum in order to gain an understanding on the history and evolution of the island.

Wine Museum

The Wine Museum is located in Kamari. 

Visitors can unravel the history behind vining, the traditional process of wine cultivation, harvesting and trade as well as experience typical scenes from the life of vine growers from 1660 until 1950. One can also find a rich display of photographs, newspaper cuttings referring to the islands wine¬making, antiques such as tools used in the construction of barrels or baskets, and house- ware products. 

Museum of Icons and Ecclesiastical Relics

The Museum of Icons and Ecclesiastical Relics of Pyrgos village is housed inside the church of the Holy Trinity, a renovated chapel that used to be a small Catholic convent. 

This exhibition includes precious Byzantine icons by local and Cretan hagiographers, potteries, metallic artworks, woodcarvings, ecclesiastical embroideries and vestments, holy books, brassware and other items for ecclesiastic use. The majority of the exhibits dates back to the 17th and 18th century and indicates the long religious tradition of Santorini and a bygone period of prosperity on the island. Rare photographs and original objects that represent different local crafts, such as winemaking, shoemaking, candle making and local food processing, are also on display.

The Immersive Representation of the Eruption of the Volcano of Santorini

This is an impressive show-representation of the great explosion that rocked the Aegean for millennia and destroyed the Minoan Civilisation.

The representation of volcanic eruptions in Santorini will be a unique spectacle this year for the thousands of visitors to the island.

Pictures, colours and sounds will once again create an unforgettable experience of sensations and emotions.

Much owes the island to its geomorphology and the existence of this active cluster of craters: from its unique agricultural products to its shocking and world-famous image.

An annual tribute to the volcano, which never sleeps … on Saturday September 15, 2018.

Experience the unique experience from the balcony of Athina Luxury Suites and at the award-winning Esperisma gourmet restaurant that has prepared for that evening a special menu to travel your senses!

Did you know that?

Volcanoes began in 1991, during a concert in August, when the sky was lit with fireworks for irrelevant reasons. The spectacle was excited so … the event was born! It is a unique experience that has lived millions of visitors to the island so far. Apart from the millions of visitors who enjoy their holidays each year in Santorini, there are many people who come just to watch this wonderful spectacle that can cause many emotions. Indeed, some more adventurous boats come to live on the Caldera!

See how the night is day in Santorini and… Imagine what happened in the great explosion…

For another year Santorini turned into the largest and most beautiful balcony in the world and forces Greeks and foreigns to bow in front of the incredible beauty of the first tourist destination in Greece.

Watch the video from last year: